An Air Conditioning Company should stand behind their work

Since it seldoms generates income, others look at a “callback” as something to “figure a way out of”.  Florida Air Works, we consider a callback as an absolute opportunity to solidify Customer Loyalty, and secure References and/or Testimonials. 

When a Quote is given, there should be no surprises in pricing

One of the most common schemes in the A/C industry is to “quote low” just to get your feet in the door, then upsell, upsell, upsell.  At Florida Airworks, we stand behind our quotes, and if there are any variables that may affect pricing once the job has started, you’ll know about it IN ADVANCE.  You can be assured there will be no suprises! 

An Air Conditioning Company should provide a clear explanation of services required

If a technician tells you what is involved in the job, and you cannot clearly understand what he is saying, he’s got you right where he wants you.  At Florida Air Works, we’ll spend as much time as necessary to tell and show you what is involved in successfully completing the job to the highest industry standards in order to assure your complete satisfaction.

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