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Need superior Port Charlotte AC Service?  Here’s what you can expect when you call Florida Air Works

Our skilled technicians will arrive in identifiable uniforms and company vehicles, that match the name of the business you called.  (No company bait ‘n switch, as you’ll find common here in Port Charlotte).  We come to your home or business to take care of your air conditioning or heating concerns, or to alleviate a possible future problem. You can count on us to provide the same professional, yet courteous and friendly service, that has provided the basis for our Customer Relations to surpass the typical business relations and become one of your friends in town, over the last 9+ years. You can expect personal and honest service that you can depend on and trust.

Should a problem arise or you are unhappy or uncertain about your service, we are always happy to hear from you and try to confront any concerns that might arise. Let’s face it– nobody is perfect and occasionally problems sometimes require an extra trip. IWhen this happens,  please be assured that the issue will be resolved courteously and as quickly as possible. Problems are a part of business, and part of the reason you chose to call us. Let us show you how we take problems and make them disappear!


The ONLY 5 Star Port Charlotte AC Repair company!

5 Star Port Charlotte AC Repair Service

Discover why we are a Charlotte County’s Only Five Star Air Conditioning Service, A/C Repair, & HVAC Replacement Company. Established in 2007, Joe Casey and his staff have been reliably servicing the Port Charlotte Air Conditioning needs of customers without interruption.   Throughout the wild economic swings the SW Florida Region has undergone, Florida Air Works has out survived the Here-Again-Gone-Again competition time and time again.  We’re specialists in heating &air conditioning installation, ac repair and maintenance for your home or business. Discover why Florida Air Works is sure to become your Port Charlotte AC Repair company not only today, but for the long term.


We are also the ONLY 5 Star Port Charlotte Heating System Service & Repair company!

Discover why we are also the Only Five Star Port Charlotte Heating System service & repair company.  Yes, Florida does get cold and when you turn the heat on and discover that your heating system may need to be repaired or maintained, we’re specialists in heating systems installation, heating system repairs, service and maintenance for your home or business. Discover why Florida Air Works is sure to become your Port Charlotte Heating Company and Air Conditioning Company, not only today, but for the long term.

Let us demonstrate how we also earned our 5 Star Port Charlotte Heating Service reputation!

Please give us a call at


and let us demonstrate how we earned our 5 Star reputation!


Our FIVE STAR Service

Good Service comes in many forms, from the first phone contact until the serviceman leaves. When you select Florida Air Works as your Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Company, you can count on the fact that it will be 5 STAR ....."Best in the Business" personal, friendly service.


Whether you live in a 600 sq. ft efficiency condo, or a 25,000 sq. foot house, we have the equipment and know-how to most efficiently cool and heat your home. 


No matter the type of business, or the size of your building,  we’ll help you determine the proper sizing of the equipment, and provide the maintenance of it, to meet the unique needs of your business.


We are reliable & responsive Air Conditioning firm committed to react immediately to the call of a Retailer. We understand the dread of watching customers turn around and leave, taking your essential income with them.

New Installations

Our Florida License CAC1815599 qualifies us to help you determine and spec out the proper HVAC system for your new construction or major addition. 

Replacement Installations

When your A/C Unit has outlived its life expectancy, we can help you upgrade to an energy efficient, highly economical unit whose energy savings will help pay for itself over time. 

Air Conditioning Repairs

Often times, the discussion of repairs becomes one of “Repair vs. Replace”. Be aware that our competitors are on quotas to obtain new installations per month, we are not. We can logically and impartially help guide you to make the best decision, both financially & strategically.


Rules we live by….

As we approach our 10th year serving the Port Charlotte and SW Florida area, we have often had the opportunity to follow up and clean up the work of other legitimate and not so legitimate companies. Observing the shortcomings of others has afforded us the opportunity to develop some absolute Rules. They focus on our solid commitment that consistently great service is based on honest, forthright customer treatment, and servicing the upcoming job as if WE were the customer.

An Air Conditioning Company should stand behind their work

Since it seldoms generates income, others look at a “callback” as something to “figure a way out of”.  Florida Air Works, we consider a callback as an absolute opportunity to solidify Customer Loyalty, and secure References and/or Testimonials. 

When a Quote is given, there should be no surprises in pricing

One of the most common schemes in the A/C industry is to “quote low” just to get your feet in the door, then upsell, upsell, upsell.  At Florida Airworks, we stand behind our quotes, and if there are any variables that may affect pricing once the job has started, you’ll know about it IN ADVANCE.  You can be assured there will be no suprises! 

An Air Conditioning Company should provide a clear explanation of services required

If a technician tells you what is involved in the job, and you cannot clearly understand what he is saying, he’s got you right where he wants you.  At Florida Air Works, we’ll spend as much time as necessary to tell and show you what is involved in successfully completing the job to the highest industry standards in order to assure your complete satisfaction.


Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Testimonials

And plenty more where these came from!

Alison B.

Took the time to explain

Joe took his time to explain everything that needed to be done…..and he also told me EXACTLY WHY it needed to be done. He made sure I understood the options he laid out so that I could make the right decision about my system. And all with a refreshing, helpful, positive attitude!

Alison B.Port Charlotte, FL

Chris A.

Hassle free, drama free

I’d heard so many horror stories about air conditioning companies down here in Florida that I was defensive from the start. And when Joe’s price was significantly lower than the other company, I was twice as skeptical. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The job was done properly and without any problems or hassles or delays, and the price he quoted was the price I paid.

Chris A.North Port, FL

Mark H.

Very prompt and efficient

Our air conditioner was not working when we got up one morning. I thought I would have to call in sick to work and wait around half the day for someone to show up. But Florida Airworks had my A/C running by 9:45 and I got to work by 10. Thankfully, I avoided the “double whammy” of an unexpected bill plus a loss of income.

Mark H.Punta Gorda, FL

Jamie M

Glad I called

I’m very glad I decided to call Florida AirWorks for a second opinion. They saved me a bundle and were very professional and friendly to deal with. Highly recommended, Five Stars!

Jamie MPort Charlotte, FL
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Port Charlotte's Only Five Star Air Conditioning Company

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